The original Hydraulic Tube-Bundle Extractor was designed in 1969. Like any mechanical innovation, it has undergone subtle but significant improvements in its performance and adaptability. This relentless pursuit of excellence has enabled Hydro-Extractors to maintain a leadership position and competitive edge over any other extraction technology.


Until now, removal of tube bundles has been a tough, dangerous and time consuming job. The risky procedure required large, expensive rigs and gantries, safety equipment, and a big work crew. It also meant a loss of valuable stream time, work disruption and clutter in the area, and even a chance of equipment breakages


The Extractor is a self-contained unit, powered by a simple air motor. The unit is easily lifted into position by one crane, and butt-clamped to the shell flange of an exchanger that has been stripped for bundle removal. The carriage containing the main hydraulic cylinder is moved to the forward position, the cylinder rod extended and secured to the tube sheet. The massive hydraulic power of this cylinder pushes against the shell-flange, building force gently, steadily, until the bundle breaks free. Then, secondary hydraulic motors complete the job of drawing out the bundle. The bundle is cradled safely in the Extractor, chocked securely and trimmed using the special hydraulic balancing cylinders, and both bundle and Extractor are lifted clear.
The extractor’s job need not end with the extraction process. The in-place unit can also be used to install a new replacement bundle. This added capability results in a double savings in a maintenance schedule.
Bundle removal and replacement using the Extractor can reduce man-power costs by as much as 50 percent. Nominal crew size is two trained workers, a crane operator and a tag line person. The Extractor’s specialized, faster-operating equipment also reduces wasteful streamline loss. Most bundles can be removed in 30 minutes.
The Extractor significantly reduces the capital investment necessary with traditional bundle- removal methods. Eliminated are costly structures like overhead rigs and gantries, horizontal pull points, and other cumbersome equipment and tools. The Extractor is a complete system. There’s nothing extra to buy.
Worker safety is inherent with the Extractor. There are no awkward saddle slings, winch-truck rigging and sheave blocks, so crews are not exposed to their hazardous use. Jobs are complete with a far greater degree of crew safety than ever before possible.
The Extractor has been put to work quickly in hundreds of diverse installations. Workers lose no time in learning its ease of use and heavy labor saving advantages. If desired, however, training of customer work crews is offered by factory authorized personnel.